The Waterfall Hike

It’s my first weekend here in Acacias! Since there are no classes on weekends, it means we have lots of time to explore our beautiful surroundings of Acacias and beyond. On Saturday, we went on the waterfall hike. We took a cab up into the mountains to Carlo’s farm, a friend of the owners here. He was gone for the weekend, but his farmhand, who we affectionately named Cowboy, came along with us for the hike, as well as Cowboy’s daughter. The farm was beautiful, and had great mountain views. They also had a pet peacock, a fierce dog, and the snuggliest kittens I’ve ever seen. The daughter treated us to a smoothie with some kind of tomato fruit, it was muy delicioso! Then they started to walk us towards the waterfall, a steep one hour downhill hike.

The cab took us into the mountains.
Views from the farm.

The peacock!


After nearly falling about a hundred times, we could finally hear water flowing through the trees of the jungle, we made it! Emerging through the branches, we were treated to the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Water just erupting over huge rocks, and flowing for as far as the eye can see. There were beautiful pools of crystal clear water abundant throughout the falls. Wow. It was straight out of a magazine.

The waterfalls! It goes back into the jungle for miles!

When we first got there, we all immediately dropped our stuff and jumped in, climbing up the slippery rocks. I laid down at the top of one of the waterfalls at one point, looking over the edge and taking a mental image of all the nature around me. It was like a natural infinity pool. While I was laying and looking over the edge, i turned to one of the other volunteers and just said “Wow.” There are no words to explain this view. As I was saying this, the current from the waterfall got a hold of me and as I realized I was going down, I started grasping around for something to hold onto. All the rocks were far too slippery, and whoosh! I fell down the waterfall. It was about a 5 meter drop, and I landed on some rocks with a shallow layer of water. I think the water gushing over the edge must have cushioned my fall, because I got away with just a small scratch. I was extremely lucky. Cowboy and his daughter were very worried, apparently they had never seen someone take a tumble like that. After checking to make sure all my bones were in order, and I had no other cuts or scrapes, I continued to climb the falls. Nothing could keep me from exploring, and I’m so glad I did. I wish I could’ve taken my camera up into the falls with me, but we had to swim through pools of water to get there. We hiked up the rocks and followed the waterfall back into the jungle, going through caves, under waterfalls, and swimming through crystal clear natural pools. It was some of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. People travel halfway around the world for views like this, and we had it right here in the middle of the jungle in Acacias.

After a few hours of playing in the falls, we began our hike back up to the farm. We got even more smoothies, and a Colombian delicacy that is cheese (it’s kind of a mixture of cheese and tofu) eaten with fruit jelly cubes. It’s pretty good, but not my favorite. After getting to the farm, we began our trek down the mountain to where our cab would meet us, and got to see even more spectacular views! Acacias is full of beauty!

Today, I was a bit sore from my tumble yesterday, so I decided to take it easy. I walked into town to do some shopping, and snapped a few pictures while I was at it. There’s this outdoor shopping center in the middle of town that has everything from meat to clothes to fruit to toys. I bought some avocados (which are huge here by the way, like the size of a grapefruit), and we continued on through town. We eventually walked though the town center, which is home to many iguanas that people come and feed, and also has tons of ice cream and food trucks. We stopped to get some helado (ice cream) and the lady who made it was the absolute sweetest. Everyone in Acacias is so kind and wonderful, and they love to stop and talk to the out of place group of gringos.

The town center.
Spot the iguana! Also soy alegria means I’m joy, in other words, the iguanas are very happy!

Raspi-helado! It was muy delicioso!
A fun little sight from today. 21 Forfever!

After getting back from town, I spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool and playing with the numerous dogs who call New Western home! It was a beautiful day in paradise!

This little pup is known as Schloopy, Chewy, or the dog with many names!

With love,


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