What to See and Do in Santiago, Chile!

Sweet Santiago. A beautiful city that showcases all Chile has to offer: from the mountains surrounding it, to the high-rise buildings within.

I spent two weeks living in Santiago with my friend’s family, and in that short time, I came to adore the city. At first it reminded me a lot of Europe, maybe it was the cobblestone streets or extravagant cathedrals, but after spending some time there, I realized it was quintessentially Chilean.

On one of my first days, I rode the subway downtown, to the Costanera center. The subway works incredibly well in Chile, and is efficient, though crowded. The Costanera center is not only the tallest building in Chile, but in all of South America. At the top it offers panoramic views of all of Santiago, and at the bottom it’s a world class shopping mall. I’ve heard it’s best to check out the view right after it’s rained, because all the smog is gone. We spent quite a bit of time browsing the racks of Costanera, and went back several times during my stay.

Another day, I headed to Plaza de Armas, the historic center of Chile. A giant cathedral lines one corner of the park, and museums and libraries are all around it. The inside of the church is beautiful.

After the Plaza, we walked to the government building, and went to the museum underneath.

Then, we took the subway to another plaza, where we walked to the base of a mountain. We took an elevator up to the top of San Cristobal Hill, where we boarded a funitol that took us all the way across Santiago.

On another day, we went to the drugstore. Not the kind you are thinking of. This kind of drugstore is essentially a shopping mall, with cute boutique shops!

Another thing I greatly enjoyed in Chile is the food and drinks. Pisco sours are a very famous drink in Chile, although they originally come from Peru.

I had an amazing time in Chile, and I will be sure to be back. I’m already missing my Chilean family!

After Chile, I boarded a flight to Lima, Peru! Stay tuned for all about Lima!

Love, Leonie

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