From Paris, With Love

Ah, the city of love. That’s where we were just a few short weeks ago, just a pair of sisters, navigating the most touristic city in the world. This being our second time to Paris, we thought to ourselves, ‘we got this.’ Oh boy, were we in over our heads. We managed to have an incredible time in the 48 hours we had there, but I’ve definitely racked up a list of the highlights. 

When we got there, we took a train to get form Charles DuGaulle Airport to the city center of Paris. Our final destination was our hostel in the Montemarte district, so we embarked on the R train, then the E train, and then the metro. During rush hour on a Tuesday, we quickly found this to be a mistake. We had no place to sit on the trains, could hardly move through the crowd of people to get out at our stop. On our way back we discovered there was a super convenient air-conditioned Roissybus that costs the exact same! It brings you to the Opera, which was close enough to our hostel for us!

  1. Exploring all the food options in Paris, not just French food!

After checking in to our hostel, we decided to walk around a bit. First we found a street full of asian bistros and stopped for some delicious sushi. The sushi was amazing, and the miso soup that came with is some of the best I’ve ever had. We also had some bubble tea that we found on the same street. I would highly recommend seeking it out! The street is Rou Joubert. Then, we wandered over to the Opera, then to the Louvre, where we explored the gardens a bit, then over to the Notre Dam. 

We briefly stopped for some drinks, and we had this idea that every couple hundred feet we walked away from the Notre Dam, the prices would get a bit cheaper. We found a bar that was not super expensive and enjoyed some rosè, however we had a bee that also wanted some wine and kept trying to drown himself in our glasses. After saving our little bee friend several times, we continued down to the Luxembourg Palace, and wandered through the beautiful gardens. Nearby we found a street full of creperies and enjoyed some yummy french crepes. Then we took the metro back to our hostel and were in for the night. 

  1. The Church at Montemarte

The next morning we walked from our hostel over to the church montemarte, and after climbing a few hundred steps, we reached the top of the hill where you are astounded by an amazing view of Paris and an even more astounding amount of tourists. We went into the church and had a great time enjoying the art, before heading over to the nearby gardens. Then we walked around the area up there for a bit where my sister decided she needed to get a drawing of herself, for 20 euros. She quickly regretted that decision as after she found a bunch of vendors willing to do it for much cheaper, but she was overall thrilled with the result. 

  1. St. Germain Street

We walked to a metro station and boarded the metro towards St. Germain, where we found a street full of more cute creperies and cafes and stopped for a delightful lunch of (you guessed it) crepes!  We also found tons of cafes where we macarons!

 4. All of the Gardens in Paris!

After lunch we wandered back up to the Louvre gardens and finished our exploration of the gardens, sitting for some coffee and to eat our macaroons. Then we walked over to the Eiffel Tower, passing the Royal Palace, where we also stopped to wander the gardens and for a mini photo session! All of the gardens are so beautifully designed and since green space is so limited in Paris, they really were a breath of fresh air. The walk from the Louvre to the Eiffel was about 40 minutes, give or take because we stopped a lot. 

  1. Getting kicked out of the Eiffel Tower. 

Okay, we didn’t actually get kicked out of the Eiffel Tower. But we did wait 30 minutes in line to get in, and then as soon as we got to the front, they issued everyone out because of a security threat. Sophia was terrified we were going to be bombed, so we walked several blocks away into the safety zone. There, we stopped for some drinks at one of the only open cafes in the area. After googling and searching and finding nothing about the security threat, we decided it would be safe to head back to the tower. This time we entered the area through the Parc du Champ de Mars behind the tower, where we were able to take some pretty cool pictures. Then, we crossed back over to the other side of the bridge to the Trocadero Gardens, where we enjoyed the mist caused by the fountain to cool us off. 

  1. The Roller Skating Show at Place du Trocadero

At the top of the hill, there was a pretty cool roller skating show going on, so we stopped and watched them for a bit. They are much more graceful on wheels then I will ever be. Then a dance group popped out and we got to see them perform as well!

  1. Vegan food!!

After watching the shows for a bit, we boarded the metro to get to Le Potager, a vegan restaurant I had found online. Here, we splurged on a yummy meal, and I had some delicious seiten stew, chocolate mousse, and champagne to wash it all down. The food was absolutely amazing, but we sat there for quite some time and realized we needed to take the metro back to our hostel. The metro and the entire area was pretty sketchy at this time, but we got back okay. 

  1. The Louvre

The next day we set out to explore the Louvre! We had to leave Paris around 2 PM to catch our flight home, so we tried to get there early so we had plenty of time. Our plan was thwarted by some unexpected events, and the incredibly long line to get in (we didn’t buy tickets in advance) but we eventually made it in. It’s free if you are 18 and under, so my sister was able to get in without charge, meanwhile I had to pay 15 euros. It was very worth it though! All of the art is amazing, as it is the Louvre, and even the living quarters of Napoleon, Marie Antoinette, and King Louis were incredible to look at. We of course seeked out the Monalisa, and it is crazy overrated. There were hundreds of people clamoring to catch a peek and a photo, so we didn’t stay long at that exhibit. Overall the Louvre was so beautiful, and I’ll definitely be back to finish exploring it. 

Our short trip to Paris came to a close after that, although we had the most wonderful time seeing all the sights the city of love has to offer. Although I believe that Paris is a bit overrated, it definitely has its charm. 

With love,


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